Angela Santana is a Swiss artist, living and working in New York City. Her work explores the implications connected to the historical representation of the female body and its lasting influence today.
She reconstructs the depiction, and perception, of the classical trope that is the female form. Santana interrogates the subjugation of the male gaze: powerfully reconfiguring her subjects into reimagined figures towards abstraction. The permanence and size in her works of oil paintings and etchings build a contrast and comment to the fleeting digital thumbnail. Santana explores the intersection between the fast-paced consumption of the online world, and women’s representation. Her artistic process allows her to break tradition and question the status quo. Santana’s work has been featured in magazines and platforms such as Artsy, Artnet, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, ID, Vice, Wonderland, Novembre Magazine, Das Magazin, Evening Standard, Service 95 to name just a few. Her work is also on the current cover of Exit Magazine.

Santana’s paintings have been exhibited in shows across Europe and the United States, Art Miami, Art Basel, as well as alongside masters such as Pablo Picasso, David Hockney, Auguste Rodin and Henry Taylor in the group show “Bathers” at Saatchi Yates London in 2023.


     Special edition etching to be revealed at Art Basel, Switzerland

     Bathers – Group Show at Saatchi Yates, London UK

      Angela Santana – Solo Show at Saatchi Yates, London UK

      Art Miami – Presentation with House of Fine Arts, Miami US            

     Art She Says – Solo Presentation, New York City US

     Bodypainted – Gallery Konstanze Wolter, Germany 

     Darkest before Dawn – Ethan Cohen Gallery, New York US

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